Garden Structures; these are what I do.

Galvanised Gothic garden arch or rose arch

Gothic Galvanised garden arch

I manage a company manufacturing decorative iron products for the garden, they are simple, robust and easily assembled. I design most of our products and we manufacture just about everything we sell. The business has been operating for just over twenty three years and is based in Cambridgeshire fens in the United Kingdom.We work with garden designers, professional landscapers and gardeners of all types throughout the country,  sometimes in other countries. The range has been extended gradually over time from a starting point of one arch in one style and size to now include arbours, bowers, gazebos, loveseats, obelisks, pergolas, tunnels and a really large range of arches.

In a normal year two or three new products are added to the range, sometimes as a response from a customer or client for something we don’t already make; often just as ideas occur. We manage and update our own websites (well I do). The internet gives us the opportunity to put new products and our latest ideas in front of a wide range of existing and potential customers very quickly. A large amount of our work comes from existing clients either as repeat sales of established products or adaptations of established products, we are always looking for fresh ideas and of course new customers. So if your interests include gardening and Landscaping our website is well worth a visit.


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